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Red cross Donations & Location Near You

The Red Cross charity organization operates in more than 200 countries. It was founded in 1863 and currently has the most offices in Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, California, and North Dakota.

The Red Cross is part of Red Crescent Societies and The International Federation of Red Cross. Together they have been working nationwide for the provision of health and safety training and education. Moreover, it trains a workforce for across-the-border services that are sent particularly to areas affected by natural calamities or disasters.

The Red Cross also extends its services to military personnel and veterans as well as their families.

Its blood drives have also earned the organization much praise around the globe. The Red Cross official website allows interested blood donors to just tap and enter their Zip code to coordinate with the company. It will then guide them on how and where to donate.

You can donate clothing and other valuable items to the Red Cross. The donations are accepted at only selective locations such as at the American Red Cross St. Louis Chapter and the American Red Cross of Massachusetts.

You will also find several donation bins set up by the Red Cross all over the country. You can identify these using the website right now!

There are local chapters that accept donations as well. However, it is better to call them and confirm beforehand that they are accepting the items you wish to donate. Local chapters such as the American Red Cross of Missouri have specified drop-off locations that you can make use of.

In case donation bins and local chapters from the Red Cross are not available in your vicinity, consider donating to the Goodwill organization instead. It hosts one of the largest collections of donation drop-off points and thrift stores in the United States.