Manhattan BP Levine Helps Migrants With Clothing Donations

Manhattan BP Clothing Donations

Thanks to Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President, who has provided an opportunity to New York residents to come forward for the assistance of migrants, financially and socially. The initiative was launched in September but has picked up pace since October 17th. While talking to amNewYork Metro, Levine shared his thoughts, “They often arrive with almost … Read more

GoodwillFinds Is Ready To Help Thrifters Shop From Home!


Thrift shopping is a unique way to financially contribute to charity work and buy something decent for yourself at the same time. May be that is why leading donation companies like Goodwill are continuously working on how to make thrifting convenient for the buyers. Goodwill History and Achievements Goodwill was launched almost 120 years back … Read more

The Benefits Of Thrift Shopping Goes Beyond Local Community!

Benefits Of Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping was primarily introduced as a way to make donations more useful for the community. It gave the chance to people on a tight budget to buy something decent. At the same time, it helped uplift the needy in the community through financial aid. However, in addition to making cloth and other shopping affordable … Read more

4 Things That Can Happen To Used Clothing Donations

Used Clothing Donations

It feels like a sin to throw away pieces of clothes that are perfectly fine but don’t fit you or have run out of style. So you search for used clothing donations and sleep peacefully at night thinking you have done a good deed for the underserved community in the country. While you may be … Read more

What Happens To Clothing Bin Donations?


Charity Bins are set up to gather stuff for the poor. Most of these are randomly located and operated by non-profit organizations or recycling firms. However, in recent days there has been increasing concern amongst donors about the donation not reaching the needy community at all. Clothing Bin Donations are labeled but the majority of … Read more

Clothing Donation Etiquette – What To Watch Out For?

Clothing Donation Etiquette

Got a pile of garments that you wish to dispose of but don’t know how? With the right clothing donation etiquette in mind, you should be able to clear your closet from clothes you don’t wear anymore! Donation and charity are commendable actions but only if done with the right intentions and in the right … Read more