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YWCA Donations & Location Near You

The Young Women’s Christian Association has been working tirelessly since 1850. Its organizational national office is located in Washington DC. It stands up for women’s empowerment, security of women’s rights, and leadership in the United States.

YWCA is a leading shelter service and resource provider to women and children in the country. It has participated in various events to address gender-based violence issues, contribute to wellness programs for women, arrange job training, education programs, early child development, and outline financial literacy courses.

It also stands out in its effort to protect and benefit women of color, fight for racial injustice, their economic development, health concerns, and safety in the community.

So far, YWCA has provided women in the US with countless scholarship opportunities. It does so with the help of financial donations obtained from all across the country. Most of the donations are gathered via Amazon Smile.

YWCA local chapters, over 200 in number, are working in different states including Pennsylvania, New York, California, Ohio, and more. The local chapters established by YWCA Westmoreland County and YWCA Spokane collect items like clothing, accessories, household items, shoes, toys, etc. The ones in Seattle and North Central Washington operate their donation bins and thrift stores. You may also donate vehicles if you can.

The local chapters are not as widespread as those established by some other companies. So if you are not able to find one in your area, look into Salvation Army or Arc’s Thrift Stores instead.

A complete list of YWCA Store locations is given below. Do you know more?