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Epilepsy Foundation is funding research on treatments and therapies for people with epilepsy in the United States. It aids in the collection and spread of information about diseases, their management, and treatment.

It is also active on the legal front fighting for laws and legislation to be made in favor of epilepsy patients as well as their families and caregivers. You will be able to find a direct link on the website that lets you contact Jeanne A. Carpenter Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund for guidance and assistance in legal matters.

The foundation has recently introduced a 24-hour information and referral Helpline that operates in two languages. Spanish and English.

Their online efforts are quite commendable as well. The organization has a well-maintained website that provides vast information on this topic and hosts additional features like an online seizure diary and epilepsy specialist finder to help the involved families in any manner possible.

Epilepsy Foundation has set up local chapters that can communicate with local communities and organizations such as schools and government offices to arrange awareness and outreach programs.

You can donate to these local chapters. The list of acceptable items includes accessories, small furniture items, jewelry, clothing, toys, houseware, clothing, and more. It is one of the few organizations that let you give away books, magazines, computer software, and DVDs as well. Financial donations are welcomed as well. These are collected online, through partners and fundraisers.

Other than local chapters, donation routers and clothing bins by the Epilepsy Foundation can be found easily in Chicago, Los Angeles, New England, California, Minnesota, Kansas, and Missouri.

You can schedule at-home donation pickups as well. However, this service is available in select areas only including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Illinois, Maine, and Minnesota. The Foundation is also in partnership with Savers, a for-profit organization that collects donated goods from other companies and makes a profit by selling the products to interested buyers. The profits are then directly employed to benefit people with epilepsy and their families/caregivers.

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