About Clothedonations

The website is dedicated to helping out those in need. It manages locations of multiple thrift stores and donation bins that ensure your contributions go to the deserving hands. Clothedonations.org works in collaboration with different reliable organizations including Goodwill, the Red Cross, and The Salvations that are putting in tireless efforts to collect, distribute, or sell toys, clothes, appliances, furnitures, etc, so that the funds could be used to help the less fortunate ones in the community.

Thankfully, donors have contributed generously to the community through our platform. We also aim to expand from 7400 locations in the US to a bigger number in near future in which you can play your part!

Contact us in case of any queries regarding the donations. To help you out, we have kept the website well-equipped with all the information you may need. Detailed list of thrift stores and donation bins is also mentioned. Visitors are encouraged to share more names if they know of any which we have not listed on our platform.

We thank you for supporting our community through your donations.